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Walkscore [UPD]

  • Python 3.x* Validator-Collection v1.3 or higher* Backoff-Utils v.1.0 or higherKey WalkScore FeaturesPython representation of WalkScores, TransitScores, and BikeScores.

  • Easy serialization and deserialization of API responses to Python objects,dict objects or JSON

  • Built-in back-off/retry logic if the WalkScore API is unstable at any mometn in time

  • Robust error handling to surface meaningful information to help you debug yourcode.

Hello, World and Basic Usage1. Import the WalkScore APIfrom walkscore import WalkScoreAPI2. Initialize the APIYou can either use a single object to communicate with all of the availableWalkScore APIs, or initialize a single object for each API:


Response from LEED Coach about walkscore: "USGBC is aware that Walkscore currently only has three countries that are supported. However, USGBC cannot accept a Walkscore score from an unsupported country since Walkscore themselves indicate that they cannot support the data. It is USGBC's intent to provide an additional option to earning this credit."

The second project is the Silver Spring Library, which is scheduled break ground on a site that will eventually serve as a station for the Purple Line light rail system. The library building accommodates ground floor retail, an arts center, additional office space, and a 60,000 square foot library. It sits on a previously developed site, requires no additional parking, will eventually also accommodate 140 residential units, and is located adjacent to the Silver Spring CBD. Its walkscore is 97. The library, however, is projected to only earn a LEED-Silver rating.

Walkscore has screwed over the city of Detroit. Their algorithm is grabbing data from restaurants in Canada giving downtown a very low walkscore and lowering the overall score of Detroit. You can see the incorrect calculating along the river.

A collection of functions to perform the Application Programming Interface (API) calls associated with the Walk Score website ( within the R environment. These functions can be used to query the Walk Score and Transit Score database for a wide variety of information using R scripts. This package includes the simple Walk Score and Transit Score API calls, which return the scores associated with an input location, as well as calls which return some data used to calculate the scores. These functions are especially useful for mass data collection and gathering Walk Score and Transit Score values for large lists of locations. 041b061a72


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