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Black Anger

Dr. Kirk Whitmore Sr.


Dr. Kirk Whitmore Sr.

Dr. Kirk Whitmore Sr. Aka Dr Kirk is a confident, competent man of character. He is a Spirited man who continues to train the body of Christ, business leaders, Seniors returning from retirement to “possess God's Best”. He is a prolific Lecturer, a relevant preacher, Anger placement, Privilege recovery, and a certified life coach.

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" My best-friend, my girlfriend, my lover, my soulmate, my wife, my everything."

Dr. Kirk Whitmore

Nancy Eldred

"No ego coaching and consulting"

"This book has an important message"

Bishop Don W. Shelby Jr.

"Pastor Whitmore is an excellent communicator. He is well-versed and well-informed on his subject matter. His word is relevant. He skillfully uses the word of God to captivate audiences through the lines of his own life experiences. He is comedic, well yet and still remaining sober and communication on challenging subjects. I endorse his work as he aides the world through his own story."

Atty Warren Galloway

"This is a good book"

"Mr Galloway is “Blue“ in chapter 3"

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