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The Third most important day of your life

The day we found out every obstacle, problem, crisis and trauma could not stop me without my personal permission.

They first day of importance in your life one the day you were born, the second day of importance was when you understood why you born, yet to exist and know why you exist are great to know in a vacuum. But when life starts” lifing” and you start singing Richard Fields song if it ain't one thing it's another there must be an resolve a faith to thrust you forward. That resolve and faith is that if the scripture says no weapon formed against me shall prosper then the only way I loose is I ignore Gods plan for my success and agree with the Naayers within and without. Because, we were made not be a part of a food chain but to create, evolve and dominate creation. Comfort are often excuses to be average. Something we weren't meant to be. So, daily we must review our mission and process unless we want the noise of the lies about problems to stop our progress.

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