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Joseph Rivera
Joseph Rivera

Cannons - Love On The Ground (Official Audio)

The novel follows the Gun Club, a band of super-intelligent guys who love building cannons. They love building cannons so much, in fact, that the end of the Civil War causes them to throw a temper tantrum straight out of The Real Housewives. Fortunately, Gun Club President Impey Barbicane has a brilliant new plan: For their next trick, they will build a cannon so powerful that it can hit the moon. With this ambitious goal in sight, the Gun Club looks to boldly go where no one has gone before.

Cannons - Love on the Ground (Official Audio)


A single shot cannon using compressed air to launch confetti across a vast distance. Streamer confetti works best with this product and an air compressor is needed to prime the cannons. This unit has to lay flat on the ground.

The first digital recording occurred in 1979 by Telarc with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra headlining under the leadership of Erich Kunzel. The Kiev Symphony Chorus was secured and brought stateside for the express purpose of this recording, while the Children's Choir of Greater Cincinnati (presently doing business as the Cincinnati Youth Choir), a regular Symphony and Pops collaborator to this day, supplied the children's voices. The recording features the tones of the Emery Memorial Carillon (in adjacent Mariemont, Ohio) to a uniquely magnificent effect alongside high-definition cannon shots using full-sized 19th century military cannons, also specially recorded locally. In addition to becoming Telarc's best-selling record and helping to establish them as a company, the record soon became a popular and well-known method for testing hifi record-playing equipment and related setups. Only the best and most fine-tuned allowed the cannon shots to be played properly (an accompanying warning for users not to destroy their audio equipment was included with the record).[38][39][40] 041b061a72


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