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Tired of making excuses for my life outcomes

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OMNI VAN V1.0 1.36.X

We applied partitioned linkage disequilibrium (LD) score regression using LDSC48 (v1.0.1) to perform enrichment analysis using the expanded mCA GWAS summary statistics, in combination with tissue-specific epigenetic and transcriptomic functionality annotations from GenoSkyline-Plus22. In addition to the baseline annotations for diverse genomic features as suggested in the LDSC user manual, we specifically examined the enrichment signals in two tiers of annotations of different resolutions: GenoSkyline-Plus functionality scores of seven broad tissue clusters (immune, brain, cardiovascular, muscle, gastrointestinal tract, epithelial, and others); and GenoSkyline-Plus functionality scores of 11 tissue and cell types in the immune cluster (listed in Fig. 6d).

OMNI VAN V1.0 1.36.X



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