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Nhl 2k10 Pc Game Download

NHL 2K was a series of hockey games developed by Visual Concepts. It was published by Sega Sports from 2000 to 2004, and 2K Sports from 2005 to 2014. The games are officially licensed from the National Hockey League and NHL Players Association.

Nhl 2k10 Pc Game Download

The series launched on the Dreamcast on February 7, 2000 as part of the Sega Sports line-up of sports titles. Its success led to it becoming one of the few Sega All Stars titles. The follow-up, NHL 2K2, was released on February 14, 2002, and was the last game released for the Dreamcast before the system was discontinued.

NHL 2K3 was released on November 19, 2002. It was the first in the series to feature a franchise mode, while the Xbox version became the first online console hockey game. Sega had signed a deal with Take-Two Interactive in which Global Star Software distributed and co-published Sega's ESPN sports games. ESPN NHL 2K5 was released on August 30, 2004, and was the last game in the series to be published by Sega, and the last to be released under the ESPN branding.

NHL 2K6 was soon released on September 7, 2005 as a launch title for the Xbox 360. It was the first game to be published under Take-Two's 2K company, after the acquisition of developer Visual Concepts. New features included a franchise mode, and a new 'goalie control' feature.

NHL 2K8 was released in September 2007. The game features an all new face-off system which includes tie-ups, warnings, jostling, and penalties. The game also includes a new goaltending engine with improved goalies that react according to the situation. Goalies will challenge the puck carrier when appropriate, perform spectacular butterfly saves, and guard the post. Other features include variable attendance, a new skating engine, and authentic player equipment. Jason Spezza from the Ottawa Senators was on the cover.

NHL 2K9 was released in September 2008, with Columbus Blue Jackets' captain Rick Nash as the cover athlete.[2] NHL 2K9 was released on the Wii console, the first NHL licensed game to be released on the platform, in addition to the PlayStation 2, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.[3]

NHL 2K10 was released on September 15, 2009, with Washington Capitals left-winger Alexander Ovechkin on a special 10th Anniversary cover. The Wii version now sported online play, Mii Integration, and Wii MotionPlus. This is also the last game in the series to be released on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360. It was the last game in the series to be released on Microsoft and Sony consoles.

NHL 2K11 was released on September 7, 2010 for iPhones and the Wii. On March 3, 2010 CEO Ben Feder explained that "We have decided to reevaluate our NHL strategy and will only be releasing NHL 2K11 for the Wii in fiscal year 2010. We want to become a stronger competitor in this category and taking a year off on PS3 and Xbox 360, while focusing on making the best possible game for Wii, should allow us to accomplish that goal." Vancouver Canucks forward Ryan Kesler was the cover athlete for the game.[4]

NHL SuperCard, a spin-off of the NHL 2K series, features gameplay that closely resembles Cat Daddy Games' WWE SuperCard and Take-Two Interactive's other mobile games. The first game was co-developed by Wahoo Studios, while Koolhaus Games developed the latter two instalments. All three games were released on iOS and Android platforms.

We do not condone piracy of any kind. Asking for, providing or discussing illegal download links is not allowed in our communities.Purchasing legitimate game copies, through the PlayStation Store or through acquiring game discs, and using those copies with RPCS3 is the best way to ensure you will have a clean copy that will work with the emulator. You can use your legal copies with RPCS3 by following the instructions in our Quickstart guide.

These are the current compatible games that have been tested with the emulator. This list is subject to change frequently.Be sure to check this page often to follow the latest updates.Clicking on a game's ID will redirect you to the respective forum thread, clicking the title will redirect you to the respective wiki page.Online-only games and applications on Intro, Loadable and Nothing statuses are listed with a network online-only icon and not part of any game count.

NHL 15 removed EASHL. Actually, to be fair, it removed most of the cool things from previous games. It was also the first game on the current generation of consoles. But I find this a pretty poor excuse for setting your franchise back to 2002. The NHL series from this point forward would be slowly re-introducing features the older games one year at a time much to the chagrin of the people paying $60 a year for stuff they used to be able to do.

For the uninitiated, the NHL series has long had a game mode called Hockey Ultimate Team (HUT). HUT is something like collecting hockey cards, but also having a use for them. The cards you collect would allow you to make a roster with them. The better players were rarer cards, and made for stronger teams. The more you collected, the better you were. It was addicting as all hell, but it was also impossible to commit to. Every year your team was going to get reset. Your progress was going to be wiped, and your killer team was going to have to be reformed with each new game. This was especially disheartening if you ever bought into the microtransactions that HUT is laden with for new card packs. In essence, HUT is the microtransaction farm with an incredibly fun premise ruined by the fact that nobody can commit to it for more than a year.


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