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Joseph Rivera
Joseph Rivera

Black Coroplast Where To Buy

Has your coroplast tray seen better days? Add a fresh, new tray to your Piggy BedSpread order and have it delivered right to your door along with your Piggy Bedding and accessories! Your tray will arrive cut to size, scored and folded. Simply unfold the tray, fold up the four corners and tape in place with duck tape or packing tape.

black coroplast where to buy

Download Zip:

THIS ITEM IS FOR STORE PICK UP ONLY! We Do Not Ship This. Coroplast, (Fluted Polypropylene Sheet), is a lightweight (hollow structure), non-toxic, waterproof, shockproof, long lifespan, corrosion preventive material. Compared with cardboard, coroplast has the advantage of waterproof, colorfast and corrosion preventive. So says Wikipedia! ? Used in Black as a light controller and in White as a reflector.

An award winning photographer and photo educator. Primarily interested in landscapes, he travels the world seeking out beauty in those wild and remote places on earth that still remain untouched by civilization and where nature commands ultimate attention. His never-ending search for off-beat adventures have led him to explore Nepal, Tibet and Patagonia. He teaches photography workshops at

Designed with a thick correx, our coroplast sheets are sturdy, solid and waterproof but also easy to clean. Our correx base is the only one to feature locking slots at each corner making it super easy to assemble your guinea pig C&C cage bottom. No need for glue or tape! 041b061a72


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