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Intel Dialogic System Release 5.1.1 Download HOT!

D/4PCIU & D/4PCIUF cards require either theSR5.1.1 Feature Pack 1 drivers, or theSR5.1.1 + SR5.1.1 SP1 + D4PCIU support patch. Newest DMV cards require SR6.0 drivers. The freely available SR5.1.1 + SR5.1.1 SP1 drivers are sufficient for all other cards (even on WinXP systems).If you can not find those drivers on the Dialogic site you can find them on our web site below: SR5.1.1 on (300MB) SR5.1.1 Feature Pack 1 on

Intel Dialogic System Release 5.1.1 Download


Boards D/21D, D/41D, Dialog/2, Dialog/4 and VFX/40 can only support Mu-Law WAV files under TAPI/Wave. You will need to download this set of INS system sound files if you intend to use INS with those boards.

Your operating system can require the installation of patches and packages. Several of the patches listed in the following tables have dependency patches that must also be installed. See the readme files included with the patches and packages for additional information. When downloading a specific patch or package, verify dependencies and download the dependency patches or packages, if required.

  • In Phone and Modems Options window select your modem, click on Properties and then Advanced tab. back to the top *Laptop modemsMost laptop modems are not thevoice modems, and even when few of them are they are half-duplex only. It means you can use or microphone or speakers but not both simultaneously.To play (or record) wave file the best (and the cheapest) solution is to use anexternal USB voice modem. back to the top* Voice_modems recommendation:NOTE: If you are not sure which modem is good for your application please ask me. Personally I am using Way2call Hi-Phone Desktop and I am very satisfied with its performance.I have also triedAOpen FM56-P (H) Speakerphone PCI and I recommend it for budget conscious users. Modem's model Users Remarks Author recommendations Way2call Hi-Phone Desktop very good full duplex device good voice quality all modems listed below are half-duplex only: you can use mic or speakers but not both simultaneously Creative Labs Modem Blaster V.92 PCI ??? half duplex Creative Labs Modem Blaster V.92 Serial External ??? half duplex Creative Labs Modem Blaster V.92 USB External ??? half duplex Creative Labs Modem Blaster V.92 PCMCIA Notebook ??? half duplex Intel(R) 537EP V9x DF PCI (included in some Dell computers) it does not recognize busy signal (TAPI) not a voice modem AOpen FM56-P (H) Speakerphone PCI working good half duplex APACHE A56SP-HCF internal modem ? half duplex APACHE Ae56SP-RA external modem ? half duplex APACHE V92SP-USB external modem ? half duplex CNET Singlepoint 56KV90 PCMIA, Full Duplex ? half duplex Conexent HSF V92 56K RTAD Speakerphone PCI Modem working good half duplex 56K PCI Voice Modem SF-1156IV+ R ? half duplex Sevel SoftK56 Data,Fax,Voice,Speakerphone line not released after answering call half duplex back to the top * How to check that modem has ability to send / receive DTMF tones? Most of the voice modems have that functionality. If you want to make sure that your modem is capable of sending and receiving DTMF tones: 1. Use the test file and and send TapiLog.txt log file to mywebEmail(); author. or 2. Using this dialer make a phone call to the voice mail (for example your bank) and using dialer's dialpad try to navigate the voice mail. If you can, your modem is capable. back to the top * How to dial out when being on Asterisk PBX serverThere are drivers available on Internet to allow dialing out when using Asterisk PBX Server, such as: xtelsio TAPI for Asterisk: _tsp/tapi_for_asterisk.htm Download xtelsio TAPI for Asterisk:

  • AstTapi AstTapi, an open source Asterisk Tapi driver for windows. This allows to dial out contacts directly from the application using an Asterisk PBX Server.Your Asterisk connected phone will ring, once you answer it Asterisk will place a call and connect you to the previously dialed number. Download AstTapi driver: Download manual:

  • * Using the test file to diagnose hardware or software problems 1. to download the test file: Phone Dialer Pro click ---> here Excel Dialer Pro click ---> here Auto Dialer Pro click ---> here Dial Engine Pro click ---> here 2. Run it and use it the same way you were using the original file, until the problem (error) appears. 3. Close program. 4. FindTapiLog.txt log file in the same folder the test file was run from. 5. Send that file to mywebEmail(); . Please make sure to add comments saying what you are doing externally and where you think the problem is.Note 1: When the error is a 'run-time' type error it causes the premature program termination and TapiLog.txt log file will not be generated.In that case run the test file with /tapilog suffix (_test.exe /tapilog) and the second diagnostic window will open. Just save it's content and send it to mywebEmail(); .Note 2:Very often the problem is not related to the software but to the modem used for dialing. In Windows folder please find the log created by the modem. The file name should look like this: ModemLog_.txt for example: ModemLog_Creative Modem Blaster V.92 USB DE5671-1.txtand send that log together with TapiLog.txt to mywebEmail(); . back to the top* Installing external (USB) modem Installing external (USB) modem is very easy and it does not require opening your computer.If this is the first installation, please skip (1) and (2) below, but if you have already installed it and the modem does not work please follow all these steps: (1). Remove previous (unsuccessful) installation. (A) Open Control Panel and click on Add/Remove Programs Locate the software title, which was installed with the modem and click Change/Remove. Follow the screen but do not restart computer yet. (B) In Control Panel click on Sounds and Audio Devices>Hardware tab. Locate Unimodem Half-Duplex Audio Device. Double click on it and in Driver tab clickUninstall. Follow the screen but do not restart computer yet. (C) In Control Panel click on Phone and Modem Options>Modems tab. Select your modem and click Remove button. Follow the screen but do not restart computer yet. (2). Unplug the modem and restart your computer. (3). Start you computer. DO NOT plug in your modem yet. (A). In Windows, insert installation CD disk. The installation should start automatically. (B). Select 'Install software', then select 'Drivers' then click OK. You will see "Installation in progress" window for a few minutes. Skip (cancel) any other software installation, like for example Net Watch Watch video (I have not found a way to skip that) (4). Restart computer (5). Now, you can plug in your modem at any time you need it. (6). To test your modem: (A). In Control Panel click on Phone and Modem Options>Modems tab. Select your modem and click Properties. (B). Select Diagnostics tab. (C). Click on Query Modem button.Note:Initially, the modem's wave drivers looks like that:Modem #0 Line Playback and Modem #0 Line RecordReinstalling a voice modem will cause increase numbering of modem's wave driver: #0 will become #1, #2 and so on.That does not cause any problems with proper modem's operation.If you would like to reset that number back to #0 and you know how to edit registry, below is the location of the key holding that number:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Unimodem and the key name is:NextWaveDriverInstance. back to the top * Using Dialogic boards To use Dialogic cards with PRO family TAPI drivers and TAPI wave drivers must be installed. In Windows Control Panel>Add/Remove Hardware>Add/Troubleshoot a device>Add a new deviceselect 'No, I want to select the hardware from a list'.Next: - select Hardware Type: Sound, video and game controllers - click on 'Have disk' - navigate to 'C:\Program Files\Dialogic\Lib' - click on 'oemsetup.inf' file and open it - you should see listed 'Dialogic Wave Driver 1.x' - click 2x Next button and respond 'YES' to the digital signature message (if needed point to 'DLGWAVE.DLL' in the 'C:\Program Files\Dialogic\LIB' directory - Number of Channels must be greater than 0.Dialogic installation guide. ===>Click hereDialogic System Release 5.1.1 drivers ===> Click hereDialogic System Release 5.1.1 Service Pack1 ===> Click here back to the top*Using Skype line To make Skype call or receive one the Skype line must be active > line button "S" must stay in the pressed in state. To make a call to another computer it is just enough to use Skype name instead of regular phone number. When using regular phone numbersPro dialer will automatically format a phone number when 'Use Dialing Properties' option is selected in Options>Dialing tab and Dialing Properties are correctly set: Location, Local Area Code and Local Area Code Rules.How to set Local Area Code Rules see this:How to set dialer to dial or not to dial "1" for numbers from the specified area codes?and this:Why dialer does not dial the local area code? Conference callTo start Skype conference call use prefix confcall: followed by phone numbers (or Skype names) separated by a comma,Example: confcall: 5552340553,phonedialerpro,5551234567

  • Video callTo start Skype video:Method 1:click on grey camera icon located on Call Progress (oval) turn camera off click on green camera icon.Note, that camera icon will be accessible only when Skype call is connected. camera is turned off camera is active Method 2:use prefix: v_ followed by the phone number.Example1: v_phonedialerpro Example2: v_5552340553

  • *skype error messagesNote:The recent Skype update removes Skype Extras (Skype4COM.dll).Read below how to re-install it.Error messages:"Please install Skype Extras. ERROR: Skype4COM.dll not found!"The dialers PRO old versions used Skype Extras to connect to Skype.The current updates do that differently.Please just update your dialer's software.

  • "Dialer is not attached to Skype.", "Dialer cannot attach to Skype." or "Dialer does not have Skype permission."Skype requires user permission for the external program to use Skype.To authorize the program:"Click on Skype > Tools > Options > Advanced and at the bottom click on 'Manage other programs' access to Skype'"and set your permission.

  • "Unrecognized identity" or"Invalid phone number" or Skype Error 80020009- phone number does not conform to Skype format.Pro dialer will automatically format a phone number when 'Use Dialing Properties' option is selected in Options>Dialing tab and Dialing Properties are correctly set: Location, Local Area Code and Local Area Code Rules.How to set Local Area Code Rules see this:How to set dialer to dial or not to dial "1" for numbers from the specified area codes?and this:Why dialer does not dial the local area code?

  • "Skype is not running" - it is a bug in the Skype client version Update your dialer's software: Phone Dialer Pro click ---> here Excel Dialer Pro click ---> here Auto Dialer Pro click ---> here Dial Engine Pro click ---> here back to the top

  • *Voice over Internet (VoIP) dialer There are several methods you can use this software as a VoIP dialer. Using VoIP provider such as Vonage, Primus, Rogers Home Phone and others whose services come with the hardware adapter simulating a phone line (VoIP gateway): - just connect your PC modem to the adapter's phone jack (RJ 45), use a Y splitter to connect more devices

  • Using Skype: In the Options>Hardware tab select SKYPE from the pull-down list of available lines/devices (Figure 1). When using Auto Dialer Pro you can select 'Play selected wave file...' option (Figure 2) and when using Auto Dialer Pro or Excel Dialer Pro you can select 'Auto Record Outgoing calls' option (Figure 3). Figure 1 Figure 2 Figure 3 Figure 4

  • Using other VoIP service providers:There are 3rd party software plugins which work as a software interface, employing Session Initiation Protocol (SIP).You need to install that plugin, then in the Options>Hardware tab select it from the pull-down list of available lines/devices and set its properties according to the specs which come with that plugin. (Figure 4)There are several SIP products available on Internet, such as:- TERASIP TSP ---> A single-line version is free for personal use. - Comisdn SIP ---> Communication Server- SipTapi ---> TAPI driver for SIP. With this TAPI driver you have a click2dial feature with any TAPI enabled application (e.g. MS Outlook) and any SIP account (e.g. freeworlddialup or download SipTapiIf you have any problems using these plugins you need to contact appropriate technical support., but please feel free to email me your comments and/or recommendations. back to the top

  • *Error messages There are few error messages, which may indicate the bad modem or corrupted modem's driver: "The selected line is in use or it is not connected."

  • "Unable to make a call."

  • "Unable to make a call: Resources unavailable."

  • "Connection is terminated by the other side."

  • When you are sure that the line is not in use, it is connected and the other side did not terminated the call you may try:Reinstalling the modem's driver.In Windows>Control Panel click on 'Phone and Modem Options', select Modems tab, highlight your modem in the list and click on 'Remove' button.Restart Windows. If the modem is of the popular type, Windows will find it and automatically install it, if not, you need to use modem's installation disk, which came with the modem.

  • Updating the modem's driver.Check the make and model number of your device and search Internet for the new driver.The good practice is to start searching on manufacturer's web site under Support label.The other good place is

  • Change the modem

* Developers corner Dialer can be controlled by using the following 3 methods: * from the command line prompt: see How to use Excel Dialer Pro from the command line? * Simple VB code sample how to invoke dialer and make a phone call. * Windows text messaging by using SendMessage() API Note: 1. For the list of available commands see: _pdp.htm#command_line 2. When using SendMessage() API: LRESULT SendMessage( HWND hWnd, UINT Msg, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam ); hWnd retrieve and use the value stored in Windows registry: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Jacek Kozlowski\\hkey Msg use WM_COPYDATA wParam 0 lParam structure containing information to be send .lpData should contain command .dwData = 1 use only with commands: "", "min", "setup", "outlog" and "exit" .dwData = 2 use only with "script_out" and "script_in" command .dwData = 3 use with all other commands back to the top

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