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[S16E14] A Diagnosis

Suzanne asks Matty to fetch her a soda. Once she's gone, Suzanne throws up. Hadley turns to Andrew and begs him to give Suzanne medication. He leaves the room. Outside, he begs Lauren to end Suzanne's suffering. Lauren tells him suffering is better than dying. They need to get the diagnosis. She orders him to stay the course.

[S16E14] A Diagnosis

Cormac asks nurse Karen to find the video game cart, which he thinks will help Joey do his PT. Meredith tells him about her pro bono surgery day for the uninsured. She then directs him to the game room on the fourth floor. Andrew interrupts their conversation to ask her about Frank Mercer, whom Meredith operated on two years ago. When Cormac points out his rudeness, Andrew tells him to give him a second in Italian. Cormac replies, in Italian, that he needs to learn some respect, surprising both Andrew and Meredith. Cormac tells Meredith he's in for the pro bono surgery day and leaves to find the game room. Andrew has been going through all lectures he could find and Frank shares two symptoms with Suzanne. Carina is standing nearby and notices how rapidly Andrew is speaking, as does Meredith. She asks when he slept last. It's been three days since they took Suzanne off her meds and he refuses to answer if he's slept since. Meredith says the rash on Frank was propofol-infusion syndrome. Lauren comes up and tells Andrew that the pericardial biopsy came back negative for carcinomatosis. Meredith asks Lauren if there's any progress. Lauren says every diagnosis she rules out is progress. Meredith points out Andrew seems fried. Lauren says Suzanne could be dead by the time she's brought someone else up to speed. And DeLuca is a machine. Meredith disagrees. Andrew is obsessing. Lauren is actually relying on that.

Suzanne is feeling much better. Meredith is informing her and Hadley on the diagnosis. The fatigue was all part of it. Her innate immune system was in overdrive. She can't stay on the high-dose steroids forever so they are setting her up with a rheumatologist to get her on the right meds. Suzanne wants to see her kids. Meredith says they can arrange that. 041b061a72


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